One Fine Day, Waterloo East Theatre

24 Sep

One Fine Day is a one-man play by Dennis Lumborg and directed by Paul Taylor. After a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe it transferred to the Waterloo East Theatre in London for only three performances.

It is about a father,Eddie,  who is accused of being inappropriate with his daughter and finds himself questioned by social services and the police. To keep the disruption to his children’s lives at a minimum, he leaves the family home, but misses them so much that he decides to just kidnap them and take them on a day out to the beach. Once there, he realises how much he has changed because of the wrong accusations and because he is afraid what other people might think of him.

This play takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. There is a lot of humour in it, often because of Eddie’s imitations of other people (from his children, wife, mother, friends, the family dog, to the social workers and the police). But the jokes become rarer and we get to see Eddie’s vulnerable side, his desperation, his helplessness and his frustration and anger because nobody wants to believe him. Even though there is sort of a happy ending with Eddie moving back to his family and his wife believing in him, it leaves a bittersweet taste, because it is clear that he will always be that man.

Jake Addley, who plays Eddie, gives an incredible performance. He makes you laugh and cry, hoping that it will somehow turn out okay for him in the end. One of the most powerful scenes for me was when he is in prison and talks about how he “lost his innocence” at the beach, because he can’t be a normal, loving dad anymore and cuddle them etc. The raw emotion he displays there (and throughout the play) is almost too much to bear.

It’s one of those performances (and plays) that will stay with me for a while, because it is so thought-provoking and moved me so much. There is only one performance left, but it is a play well worth of seeing. I for one am very glad I went.

You can book your tickets here.


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