Rock of Ages, Shaftesbury Theatre

13 Nov

Rock of Ages is the latest Broadway transfer, a juke-box musical with rock songs from the 1980s and practically no story.

It centres around The Bourbon Room, a club that has to close because of a redevelopment project by a German business man and his son. The two owners manage to convince Stacee Jaxx and his band to give their last performance in their club where he started his career. The two protagonists however are Drew and Sherrie, an aspiring rock star who works in The Bourbon Room and a hopeful actress. They meet, fall in love, split up doe to some misunderstanding before being reunited again.

The “story” is held together by Lonny, who acts as a narrator and frequently breaks the fourth wall and directly adresses the audience.

Fortunately, Rock of Ages doesn’t seem to take itself very seriously as a musical either, which made it all a bit more bearable. However, I felt the only good thing about it was the cast.

Lonny, Drew and Sherrie were all played by understudies. Jamie Muscato has got an incredible strong voice and was very charismatic as Drew. Great performance. Natalie Andreou was equally strong as Sherrie, though I found her character not very likeable. The same is true for Lonny, who was played by Nathan Amzi. He did a good job, but I found the character and his jokes not even remotely funny.

Jodie Jacobs makes a great Regina, but I wish she’d get more chances to show her incredible voice off.

The ensemble are great dancers and get to show this a lot through out the show.

I think it’s fair to say that Rock of Ages is just not my type of musical at all. I sort of enjoyed it, but I don’t think I’d go back to it. I can see why many people like it, it certainly is a fun night out and I hope it manages to break the “curse of the Shaftesbury”, but not even the immense talent on that stage can tempt me back there.


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