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Les Misérables, Queen’s Theatre, October 2011

11 Oct

I didn’t really plan on reviewing Les Misérables again, but after seeing the current cast for the second time and feeling a lot more positive about most of them, I think I should.

First of all, at this performance the part of Valjean was played by Jonathan Williams.  Out of the seven different Valjeans I’ve seen, he’s without a doubt my favourite.  For me, his is the perfect characterisation and his acting is incredible. He sang one of the best Soliloquies that I have heard and his Bring Him Home is wonderful! He just makes the character so real.

Cameron Blakely, who has taken over as Thénardier, gets the balance between funny and menacing just right, as did Leanne Rogers (u/s), who was on as Mme Thénardier.

I quite enjoyed Caroline Sheen’s Fantine this time. There were some parts I’m still not too keen on, but overall she gave a good performance.

After being pretty harsh on Liam Tamne’s Enjolras last time, I’m glad to say that I really liked him. He seems to be a lot more comfortable with the part now and vocally he was flawless.

Craig Mather is still incredibly strong as Marius, as is Lisa Anne Wood as Cosette.

My opinion of Hadley Fraser and Alexia Khadime, unfortunately, hasn’t changed (You can read it here). The only thing I’ll say now is that Fraser’s Javert is so over the top that it’s almost hilarious.

The ensemble is very strong. It was nice seeing George Miller back on stage as Courfeyrac.

All in all, this performance reminded me of just how good Les Misérables can be and I am glad I went to see it again.