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Peter Pan, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

14 Dec

This Christmas, the Mayflower Theatre is showing a new musical version of Peter Pan by Roger S. Moss and Robert Scott.

Here the well-known story is set in the present, with the explanation that the story repeats itself again and again and Wendy being the original Wendy’s grandaughter.

Peter Pan is played by Daniel Boys. I was a bit worried that he might look to old for the part, but in this version this works perfectly. I didn’t really warm to Katie Ray‘s Wendy. I always think Wendy should have a certain naivety and innocence about her and Katie’s more grown-up and assured take on her didn’t do it for me at all. Ben Richards as Captain Hook looks like he’s just jumped out of Pirates of the Carribean, great performance though. Lucy Benjamin as Mrs. Darling has a great voice and Les Dennis as Smee was very good too. In fact, the whole cast was, but the show itself just left me completely cold and not even the excellent cast could make up for its short-fallings.

The positive things first though, I thought the flying was very well done. I’m not usually a fan of projections (and the one at the beginning almost made me feel sea-sick), but the underwater scene in the Blue Lagoon looked absolutely stunning.

However, that’s as far as it goes. Musically, I though it was pretty forgettable. There is one good song (Never Stop Telling the Story), which is then reprised again and again until you can’t hear it anymore. But for me the biggest problem is that it’s just not really a musical. It’s more than a panto, but it still has so many elements of one in it. And why the pirates sing YMCA/In the Navy at one point is completely beyond me. Right now, it’s somewhere in between those two and just feels uninspired. It also dragged quite a bit in places. I was almost relieved when it was finished (with, surprisingly, a reprise of Never Stop Telling the Story…).  It’s a shame, because it’s such a wonderful story, but this musical doesn’t do it any justice. It’s got potential, but the creative team should decide where they want to go with the story.

There is already a wonderful musical version of Peter Pan (by Stiles & Drewe), which is far superior to this one and it’s a shame that it’s not put on anywhere. It would have made for a far more entertaining evening, that’s for sure.

If you want to judge for youself, Peter Pan is on until the 14th January 2010


Divas Sing Scott Alan, Arts Theatre

14 Nov

Scott Alan

After the success of his previous concerts in London, Scott Alan returned for this one-night only concert. Due to popular demand a second concert was added for the evening. Scott was joined by Natalie Weiss, Cassie McIvor, Ashleigh Gray, Chloe Hart, Jodie Jacobs, Sarah Earnshaw and Daniel Boys.  There were also two unexpected special guests…

The concert started with Natalie Weiss singing “I Am a Star”. She’s got an amazing voice, what a great start to the evening.

Next was Ashleigh Gray with “West”. It’s one of my favourite songs by Scott Alan and Ashleigh is such a talented performer. Stunning!

Chloe Hart sang an amazing rendition of “Easy”

This was followed by another amazing performance: Cassie McIvor singing “I’m Not Ready Yet to Grieve”.

Jodie Jacobs came on stage to sing “Surrender”. This song really showed off her voice, loved it.

Sarah Earnshaw’s “Again” was lovely!

“Magic” was sung by Ashleigh Gray. Just perfect.

Natalie Weiss sang a great acoustic version of “Distance You Have Come”.

Then Scott Alan came on stage and sang “It’s Good to See You Again”. It always feel special to me somehow when I see composers perform their own material.

Sarah Earnshaw came back to sing “Watch Me Soar”. Another lovely song and her voice really did soar.

Then Natalie Weiss was joined by the Divo of the evening, Daniel Boys, to sing “Nothing More” Their voices sounded lovely together and it’s such a beautiful song too.

Daniel stayed on to sing “Kiss the Air”. A truly amazing performance! He’s got one of the best voices I’ve heard.

“Say Goodbye” was sung by Cassie McIvor again. What a voice!

For the next song, Scott invited 5 aspiring performers to the stage (randomly picked from the audience), who each sang a couple of lines from “Never Neverland” before one of them was chosen to sing the whole song. The winner, and deservedly so,  was Ziggie Sky Ward. No rehearsals, nothing, but she still nailed it. They couldn’t have chosen anyone better.

Next up were some songs from Scott’s new musical “Home”. The first was “My Life” sung by Scott himself. I liked it, especially the lyrics.

Jodie Jacobs and Natalie Weiss then sang “Home”. It’s such an uplifting song.

“And There It Is” was sung by Natalie Weiss again, followed by Chloe Hart’s “I Wish”. Beautiful songs and performances!

Ashleigh Gray then performed a new song from “Home”, “Getting High”. It was quite cheeky, but also very sad in parts.

The next song was another surprise. Stuart Matthew Price was in the audience and was asked by Scott to perform “Free” with Ashleigh Gray. I love the duet version of it and hearing it sung by such talented performers was wonderful.

The last song was sung by Scott again. He asked the audience what they wanted to hear and “Now” turned out to be the most popular. It was a great ending to the concert.

In-between songs there was the usual Scott Alan banter, including lots of swearing. Sometimes it just feels a bit too much for me (not the swearing, just in general), but it’s all part of the fun I guess. It definitely was a hugely enjoyable evening with stunning performances.