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Speckulation Acoustic Sessions: Julie Atherton

6 Jun

To celebrate the first anniversary of the release of her second album – No Space For Air – Julie Atherton gave two concerts at The Pheasantry this weekend and I was lucky enough to attend one of them.

No Space For Air is one of my favourite albums, Julie’s voice is simply stunning (not only her voice though!), so I knew I had to go and I’m so glad I did.

She was joined by David Randall (piano) and Dougal Irvine (guitar).

She opened the concert with  the first song on her album, Weak. It’s a beautiful song and hearing Julie singing it live was great.

She then sang a song by Michael Bruce, Blind.. I really liked the different arrangement of it.

Next was Lost In Translations. I usually skip that song when I listen to her album, I don’t even know why, because I loved it this time.

Her Morning After was hilarious. I’d heard her singing it at one of her cabarets at the Trafalgar Studios before, but it just never gets old.

I love her version of Sondheim’s Losing My Mind, but then I don’t worship at the Church of Sondheim ;-).

Up next were two of my all time favourite songs. The first one, Cannonball, is not on her album unfortunately, and the second one is Never Saw Blue Like That. She was joined by Dougal Irvine for the latter one.

The last song of the first half was Anywhere But Here by Lance Horne. I love the lyrics of that song, it’s beautiful.

The first song of the second half was A Girl of Few Words from her first album. I hadn’t listened to it for a while, so it was a nice reminder of how good it is.

Next up was her version of the Linkin Park song Crawling. I really like Linkin Park and when I first heard her sing this song, I wasn’t sure if I actually liked it, but after listening to it a couple of times I started to love it. Now I actually think that Julie gets the lyrics across better than the original. Loved it!

The next song, Baby Baby,  was written by Dougal Irvine. I had heard Verity Rushworth sing it before and thought then that Julie would be amazing singing that song, so it was a nice surprise, and she didn’t disappoint. It’s hilarious and I hope I’ll get to see the whole musical at some point!

Next was Silent Whispers  (again, beautiful), followed by Leather.

The last song of the evening was Someone To Fall Back On by Jason Robert Brown. It’s not on her album, but I’d heard her singing it earlier this year and hoped she’d sing it again.

As encore we got Michael Bruce’s Portrait of a Princess. It’s on his album Unwritten Songs that was released this year. I don’t think I need to say anything about it…



All in all, it was an amazing evening and I couldn’t have spent it any better. Julie just proved again how stupidly talented she is!

She’s doing another concert on 26th June at the Apollo Theatre. I unfortunately can’t go, but if you’re free on that night, you should go! Tickets can be booked here.

You can also catch Julie in the UK Tour of Sister Act, playing Sister Mary Robert!